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Our services are directed at all horse riding enthusiasts: show jumping, dressage, eventing, endurance and pleasure riders.

Terms Of Sales


Exchanges and returns are not accepted, except prior written agreement of SARL MAUREL & MAUREL.

In this case, goods should be sent to SARL MAUREL & MAUREL carriage paid in their original packaging. Items returned without packaging will not be accepted by SARL MAUREL & MAUREL.

Customised articles and special orders can neither be returned nor exchanged if execution has been carried out in compliance with the specifications previously approved and signed by the client. 

Product returns, exchanges and after-sales service are the client's responsibility, even if shipping is arranged by SARL MAUREL & MAUREL. The client must be covered by a Cargo Insurance, and products should be wrapped in appropriate packaging for optimal protection.

SARL MAUREL & MAUREL reserves the right to apply a reduction factor on any damaged or worn-out item.

Changes in product specification for any order must be requested in writing by the client. This request will be subject to approval by SARL MAUREL & MAUREL and shall incur an extra charge on the invoice.

SARL MAUREL & MAUREL does not commit itself to any results regarding the use of the custom-made and standard products it manufactures and sells.

Withdrawal Period

The legal withdrawal period, according to the Community Directive of 20 May 1997, is seven working days. It applies to all product orders placed at the customer's home or by mail order. The order may be cancelled by sending back, by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, the Order Form with the words "cancelled order", the dispatch date and the client's signature written on it, within the legal deadline.


Regarding saddles, a 50% deposit of the total value of the products shall be paid at the time of order, and the difference has to be settled before dispatch. All other products must be fully paid before delivery. If within a month of product availability the outstanding balance is not paid, the deposit shall be retained, and the goods shall remain the property of SARL MAUREL & MAUREL without the client being able to oppose the resale of the goods.

Title Retention

The goods are identified by the SARL MAUREL & MAUREL. SARL MAUREL & MAUREL retains ownership of the products sold, until actual payment of the full price, including any additional costs. The handing over of any invoice creating an obligation of payment (draft or other) does not constitute a payment as defined in the present clause.


SARL MAUREL & MAUREL's products are guaranteed one year against latent defects from the date of invoice. Trees are guaranteed for five years and leathers for two years. The guarantee is only valid if the products are used properly and following the saddle care instructions. As such, equipment not maintained with Jean Luc MAUREL maintenance products is excluded from the guarantee. With regard to the saddles, the terms of the maintenance instructions enclosed with every shipment must be respected. Use of chaps or jeans will result in the invalidation of the guarantee. The guarantee against manufacturing defects, only covers the replacement or repair of parts acknowledged to be faulty and taking into account the wear and tear. Consequently, SARL MAUREL & MAUREL accepts no responsibility for any human or animal casualties nor for any damage whatsoever that may result from using our goods. 


Complaints regarding product quality must be made in writing within fifteen days of receipt of the goods by the client. Beyond this deadline, a sales representative's visit to the client's premises for any unfounded complaint will be charged at a flat rate of € 100.


Delivery times are purely indicative and do not represent any commitment on the part of SARL MAUREL & MAUREL. Delays cannot constitute grounds for any claim for damages against SARL MAUREL & MAUREL.

Transport and Insurances

SARL MAUREL & MAUREL has subscribed to a Cargo Insurance on behalf of its clients. In case of loss, theft or damage to goods sent by SARL MAUREL & MAUREL, it is the client's responsibility to lodge a complaint with the carrier on the day of delivery and to inform SARL MAUREL & MAUREL in writing within 24 hours. Failing to do so will invalidate the insurance guarantee, and SARL MAUREL & MAUREL shall not be held responsible for any delivery problems. Upon receipt of the complaints, SARL MAUREL & MAUREL will immediately create a complaint file for the payment of damages resulting from the transport.


The present conditions are governed by French law, and the Commercial Court of Auch is the only qualified court to settle disputes between SARL MAUREL & MAUREL and its clients.

Consignment Shop

SARL MAUREL & MAUREL cannot be held responsible in the event of loss, theft or damage of a product handed over to it as part of a consignment sale, because the company only handles the selling on behalf of the client, free of charge. The item must be insured by the client beforehand. The consignment sale is entrusted to SARL MAUREL & MAUREL at the clients' own risk.